Music Production Instruction
I am very excited to be offering private and group instruction in music production and technology from Browning Street Studios, West End.
For the past twelve years, I have been recording and producing my own work to a professional standard (e.g. Triple J, SBS), as well as composing digital music for national and international theatre. I also hold a Bachelor degree in Music Production (QUT) and a Graduate Diploma of Music Technology from the Qld Conservatorium of Music, where I am currently working towards a MA Composition.

  • Qualified advice on the purchase of equipment if required, which is suitable for students’ own needs and budgets
  • The necessary skills required to operate DAW software and hardware for recording tasks and basic post production  
  • Sound physics and technical knowledge as they relate to digital audio and midi recording
  • Basic DAW Workflows for recording, mixing and songwriting (pop)
  • Microphone basics and micing techniques (technical knowledge and commercial applications)
*Software platforms used include Pro Tools, Reaper and Garageband.

My music technology instruction is scaffolded by a professional teaching framework I devised during my Grad Dip work at Griffith University, under the supervision of Matt Hitchcock, Director of Music Technology programs. This personally-tailored instruction is intended for students with and without formal musical training, high school aged and up. Importantly, the training I provide is suitable for students who have no or limited knowledge of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software and hardware, workflows and recording processes. 
If you are keen to learn about music technology and production, please contact me. We can talk about what you want to learn, how I can help you to meet your aims, how much this will cost, and our mutual availability. 

* Photo above: Electroacoustic Ensemble Performace, Qld Conservatorium of Music, 2014 (L-R: Xana Chambers, Craig Parry (Facilitator), Pete Thrupp)